Dec. 31st, 2032

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Universe Nickname: Neath!Universe / EBZ!Universe

Physical Appearance: Miss Mouri is elegant but tough, with an impressive collection of slender muscles and more than a few scars hidden beneath her fashionable Victorian clothes. Her knuckles, elbows, and knees are most scarred, though they are almost always covered up by her apparel. She has a number of longer, thinner scars elsewhere on her body, and one or two that may have been caused by light burns. At least one of her toes has been broken and reset ever-so-slightly crooked.

Her eyes are blue and her hair is long and dark brown. Her skin is quite pale, given that she hasn't seen the sun in a forgotten number of years. She has a visibly Asian look to her features but speaks with a polished London accent.

Ran nearly always dresses stylishly, even when she's heading for a dangerous rendezvous — you never know when you might need to impress someone important among the onlookers. In her case this often consists of a red corsetted dress (reinforced with steel and whalebone), gloves, and a bonnet, though she always carries her brass knuckles in her pocket. Depending on the area she might wear fashionable riding boots or savage hobnailed boots, and carry a fan or an antique rifle.

The clothes and accessories she has that are suited to watchful work are much less flattering (rags and luminous goggles and living gloves), so she only wears them specifically for watchful tasks. She also has a stained red dress that she'll wear for dirty work or chores.

Notable Body Language / Habits: Ran's general speech, appearance, and mannerisms are those of an educated, polite society lady in late 1800s Victorian London. There are a few anachronisms because a) she is a very capable brawler and isn't afraid to show it even in polite company, b) she's rather more independent than most ladies at the time, c) the mun is terrible at Victorian speech and mannerisms, and d) she comes from a London of eldritch terrors deep underground located next to Hell. As you do.

Being very well versed in societal interactions (from polite discourse and courting to manipulation and backstabbing), Ran consciously adjusts her body language in more specific situations. For instance, if dealing with nonthreatening, inoffensive persons that she needs something from, she'll put a concerted effort into pressing close (but not so close as to discomfort) and being charming and ingratiating. If interacting with someone she finds uncomfortable but not terrible, she'll remain polite and at a respectful distance. If she wants to intimidate someone or subtly imply her strength, she might flash her brass knuckles, make sure she's in a ready standing stance, or flex her fists. If she wants to overtly threaten someone, she'll just break a table or what have you.

Overall, Ran is extremely conscious of and in control of her body language, and automatically observes and gauges the body language of other people. So if your character has any tells, please mention them!

(Any unfamiliar Shinichis in the Mansion also get this treatment — her behaviour towards her Shinichi she reserves for him alone.)

As for habits, Ran typically keeps them under control, but she can be quick to resort to violence, and when discomfited she likes to retreat to a quiet place as soon as possible to get her thoughts in order. She also chats up just about anyone. As a brawler she tends towards one-hit KOs, wrestling, and eschewing weapons (though she is competent with them, including firearms).

Notable Powers: Ran's inclinations are primarily in Dangerous and Persuasive, with a healthy dose of Watchfulness, making her a sagacious, captivating, and perilous lady. This translates into a few things in the Neath.

Her Dangerous ranking is at the point where she's played wrestling games with poisoned needles, undergone scientific dissection without anaesthetic, repeatedly fought a prolific serial killer, beat her way through a heavy brawl of dockworkers, fought the Eater-of-Chains to a standstill, and defeated a spider council. As well as beat a man to death. She isn't superhumanly strong but is certainly at a point where it's even more noticeable than her canon self's strength, and she is much more tolerant of pain. She's also quick, and knows how to fight very, very dirty.

Her Persuasive ranking indicates a level where's she's quite adept at reading situations and social cues, writing poetry and newspaper articles, summoning an air of confidence up on a whim, engineering invitations to parties, manipulating people with charm and seduction, and brandishing insults with almost lethal sharpness. She can and has reduced people to cringing tears with words alone! (She's also quite good at holding her drink and vision-inducing Prisoner's Honey.) This may or may not be less effective on people with modern-day sensibilities, depending on how much she develops a handle on those nuances.

Her Watchful ranking is mostly the result of studies necessary for her pursuit of the Topsy King, which includes heavy study of the Correspondence, archaeological excavations, detective work, spying, and theological debate and discussion. She is extremely intelligent and observant, but does not consider herself a true scholar.

Notes for Psychics: All of the above is notable, as is the fact that Ran is... more than a little used to the bizarre, and somewhat morally broken compared to her canon counterpart. She isn't blatantly insane, but the minds of most Fallen Londoners are hardly on the straight and narrow, and while Ran is generally kind and magnanimous she does have the ability to be quite ruthless if she needs or wants to. She also carries her fair share of trauma and a heavy amount of guilt, enough to result in severe nightmares on occasion.


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